The English Student

(I know lots of wonderful women and this poem has a little of all of them in it)

Her brain as fast as lightning,
Her eyes with inspiring flame,
Every word she speaks a powerful incantation, a whirlwind striking the brain.
I am blown away in a firestorm of majestic knowledge.

Powerful women are supposed to be terrifying,
But I’m stood here watching and it’s electrifying.
She’s enchanting, thrilling, beautiful even;
Her words are a spell. And I want more.



(Loving her is red)


Some days are red,
Blood from a flaming heart, red,
Red like wild berries.
Nails flecked with flame,
Streaks of hair the same.
Burning lips.
Shining eyes.
Inferno fabric across the skin.
I’m red;
I’m ready;
Break my heart again.


(The old man is probably a time traveller. I’m not sure though.)


“Every single car on this intersection
It has someone inside of it
And each of those different people
Are travelling to different places
As part of different stories
Every single one of those stories matters
Even the story of the people watching the stories.
These stories all have bad times.
But every single one of these people chooses to carry on through the pain.
Never forget that.
The battle is never worth surrendering”
The withered old man said to the broken child.

Pink Smoke and Shattered Hearts

(I’ve never written anything this majestic before and honestly, don’t think I’ll ever write anything this majestic again.)


“You are planning on ruining my life.” He paused and took a painfully long drag of his cigarette. His eyes and eyebrows combining to form an unbreakable dam against her flood of emotion. She didn’t speak. He didn’t cease his glare. The flood was temporarily halted.  He coughed. Then broke his own dam. Knowing her self-restraint would be strong enough to bear a further few seconds. His face returned to resting position. His eyes in their continued glinting of moisture showed that it would be impossible for his mind to do the same. At least not until this was over. Maybe not ever.

A glance at the sky. On his part. A sigh. From his cracked lips. She stood almost drowned in the rivers of pain encompassing her frail heart and frazzled mind. The engine of her very existence smoking and smouldering. Every passing second killed her a million times only to revive her and kill her a million more.

He laughed. For a full five seconds. She just stared at him incredulously.

“And I… Am planning on letting you.” He breathed out the last controlled breath of the night. Every breath that followed it was born of a need to avoid suffocation. They scarcely broke from each other in the full eight hours that followed. One unending kiss of insatiable and unrivalled hunger. Two bodies so close that it was barely fathomable to believe they were two separate human beings. Every single movement more meaningful and compassionate than the one that had come prior.

Two hearts of glass. Racing, pumping, pounding, thundering in time with the entire universe. Two hearts of glass throbbing, convulsing, losing grasp on all reality. 299,792,458 beats per minute. Lightspeed. A single flash in the unending light storm of time. An explosion. The single largest release of energy in the entirety of human history. The whole world. This was it. Nothing else would ever matter this much again and nothing had ever mattered this much before.

Shards scattered across the floor. Pools of joyous tears, sweat and alcohol floated them into chaotic poetry upon the carpet, tiles and hardwood of the floor. Smoke, passion and hours in sinful darkness carried the shards into an ocean of stars in the midnight sky.

They were reborn in fire that night. All-consuming unrestrainable, unforgettable fire. Flames so strong they burnt their echoes into the very continuum of time. A blaze of love so pure and honest and perfect that it would forever be remembered. The eternal flame of the only genuine love to ever exist. An inferno of ruination and redemption and restoration.

The conflagration swept across every aspect of their lives. Ruined. Reforged. Nothing else had or ever would matter anywhere near to the degree at which the actions of that night mattered. The entirety of the human timeline was conquered and rewritten to fit around the raw love shown by these two individuals.

Every burning kiss. Every scorching stroke of skin across skin. Every single scarring drop of molten sweat. Engraved into their minds forevermore.

His education, her family, their homes, their past traumas and fears and any struggle they had ever faced… all objects in the review mirror of a car formed of soul dew. A car rushing rapidly down a halcyon highway of love towards an end goal of eternity.

The hotel balcony during the pink-purple sunrise of the next morning whispered with curls of smoke. Smoke from their fire… And the three packs of cigarettes they chain-smoked together before they started the rosé. Across the city skyline ripples of their love softly glided in pink smoke.

Going back? There was nothing to go back to. The confines of the love-drenched bedding, heart shard carpet and burnt out bedroom were all that was left of humanity.

“Look into my eyes” Tenderly he placed his hands around her waist and looked down into her gleaming eyes. She looked up at him with a look of bright untameable wonder and contentment. “What do you see?” he questioned softly with a smile. She smiled back. All that was heard for thirty seconds was the pulsating of two hearts following the same rhythm and two sets of lungs breathing together in the heavy air.

“I see the world; I see my whole world.” She said.



That Man

(A figure who is all too common in the world. A man who seemingly only exists to harm women who deserve better)


That man;
Can’t tell a rose from its thorn,
Or tell vodka from champagne,
He treats all women like shit,
And sees all of them the same.

Hapless Bleeding Heart

(Written in character with no basis on my own life. Based on the pain of unrequited love)


The drums thunder,
the guitars moan in musical pleasure,
the vocals form an ocean of emotion…
yet the ocean is not deep enough,
not deep enough,
to drown out the pain
of my hapless bleeding heart.

My pulse thunders through my ears,
the voice in my head moans at me in self-loathing,
my screaming towards the sea can’t shake these emotions.
I’m drowning,
it’s too deep,
the flood of pain
of my hapless bleeding heart.

Knowing that she is taken.
Knowing that she is unavailable.
Knowing that she is in love…
but not with me,
brings me to the brink of death
but doesn’t have the mercy with which to kill me
and my hapless bleeding heart.


(To all those who have previously been hurt by my existence.)


The person I am today,
is not the person I was yesterday,
is not the person I will be tomorrow,
could scarcely be fathomed by the man I was then,
and my morality then…
was vastly different from my morality now
which in turn varies from my future morality;
experiences shape us all
for better,
for worse,
for wistfully written…
apologetic verse.